Wrapping Up Summer



Hello everyone!

Happy First Day of September! I have been itching to make this post for weeks now. I had the amazing opportunity to pair up with a good friend of mine, Samara, the creator of @Outcharmed! Outcharmed is a company that sells super trendy, handmade necklaces that are completely customizable!The black, feather wrap around necklace I am wearing below is one of two adorable necklaces she made for me!

So in love with this little choker!! Definitely a new staple for everyday wear and for being out and about at night!

As September is now among us, and hopefully Fall is on the way, I thought I would "wrap up" summer in style. The wrap around lace up sandals are SO light and make it easy to walk when we were exploring downtown. Did I mention, they were under $20?! (See link at the bottom)

What's your "thing" you can never leave the house without? Mine - my silver rings! I wear two on my right hand, both I've worn for years and they have so much sentimental value now. I've worn them for so long that they have both morphed to the shape of my fingers!! I wear three on my left hand, all three are relatively new but I love, love, love them all. 

Playing tourist in my own town was fun, and it also gave me a new perspective of downtown Tucson. There are so many hidden gems, like street art, beautiful architecture, and getting to feel like I was in a big city for an afternoon.

HAHA I couldn't help myself adding this one to sum up the post. Not sure if any other bloggers/women/men/others can relate, but the cat-calling can cause your blood to boil a bit, amiright? This look says, "do it again and I'm calling your mother". Hahaha I'm sorry, I'm so not even funny.  But I can still try.


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