Wine and Baking

Hi everyone! If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, then you know that I went on a little baking spree the other night!

Back in high school I used to bake all the time. My cousin and I would bake all kinds of stuff all the time, and I really missed it! Baking is not only so fun for me but it can also be so relaxing (especially once the wine gets involved, lol).

I also hadn’t been home in over 2 weeks; so having my own kitchen back meant that it was calling to me!!

I decided to bake some snicker doodles, and the recipe I found was absolutely perfect! The cookies were super soft and SO addicting! This recipe made 4 dozen regular sized cookies (enough to share!). The link to it is below:

I think "wine and baking" should definitely become a bigger thing...

Do you have a great recipe I should try? Share with me in a comment below!!