What to Wear to a Baseball Game


Hey - Happy Hump Day!

I am currently sitting in my apartment watching Friends re-runs and hoping that my wifi signal holds out long enough to finish this post. These past few weeks have just absolutely flown by! I apologize for being absent on here, but here come the updates:

First of all, I am all moved out to California! I have been staying in an itty bitty little studio apartment these last few weeks until I found something more permanent, since my move was thrown together pretty last minute. Thankfully, the search for a new place is looking promising, and I am planning on moving into my new place early next month! 

To give a little context to my blogging hiatus, my new job requires me to work on a computer all day. Naturally, coming home to sit on the computer some more has not seemed appealing one bit. But - I have seriously missed it, so I am making a concerted effort to jump back in.

I have been starting to plan out a bunch of new content, all that I am very excited about. You'll notice though that the blog will be taking a slightly different approach in the coming posts. I would love to hear your thoughts and how you like the new stuff! So stay tuned :)

Since arriving to CA, I have attended 2 MLB games (more than I think I've attended in my whole life combined) but I have had such a great time at both! I wanted to share with you the outfit I wore to the Dodgers game I went to last Saturday. 

The keys to success when picking out an outfit for a baseball game are comfort and colors. It is no secret that baseball games can sometimes last a while, so you will thank yourself by wearing something that doubles as cute and comfortable. My suggestion is jeans, tennies, and bringing a light jacket along with you for those chilly nights. Unless, of course, you're in Arizona, where you could probably do without lol.

Also, make sure you know the team your rooting for's colors and try to incorporate them into your outfit if you don't already have team apparel. Doing this is a great way to show your support for the team if you don't regularly attend games, and it is usually super easy to pull off!

I paired this basic, navy striped tee with a pair of distressed jeans with frayed hems. It was a great mix of simple, fun, and comfortable, and it would also be perfect for the Fourth of July! I also brought along my favorite jean jacket. I am loving the denim on denim trend lately, so I incorporate it whenever I get the chance! This trend makes it so easy to take an outfit from boring to super cute!

I am tagging all of the details of my outfit below for you to shop or get ideas from. I seriously can't wait for my next game! Not sure if I'm more excited about the hot dogs or the actual game - you can't have one without the other right? And by that I mean, no game without a hotdog. Hotdogs without the game... you never know. ;)


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Top - H&M / Jeans - Forever21 / Shoes - DSW / Jean Jacket - JC Penny (on sale and so comfortable!)