Valentine's Day outfit: for the girl who doesn't wear pink



Hi guys!

What a busy weekend! But so much fun. We are really soaking up these weekends and jam packing them with all the fun and good memories that we can!

I totally went and saw "A Dog's Purpose" yesterday... Yes, I cried like 20 times. It really amped up that puppy fever, so if anyone has a cute dog I can come love on let me know - lol. The temptation to go to a shelter and take all the dogs home is so real. Definitely worth seeing if you are a fellow dog person, or if you enjoy a sappy movie that is easy to watch while hungover! haha

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought I would share with you some outfit inspo! I am so obsessed with this denim top. It is really sweet with its ruffles and can be dressed up or down. And - its in my signature color so I absolutely couldn't help myself. With spring just around the corner, I'm certain you will be seeing more of this cute little blouse!

I chose to stray from the usual reds and pinks for this time of year partially because pink really isn't my color - lol. I like it, but I feel way more myself in blue! I also figure that there is someone else out there who, like me, doesn't really include these festive colors in their wardrobe very much!

This blanket scarf is actually SO warm. It isn't super heavy, but it did a great job of making sure I didn't totally freeze while we were out shooting pictures! It has been sooo cold here lately, I guess winter finally decided to show up?! The scarf photographs a tan color (which was why I bought it), but in real life it is leaning more towards a blush color (that I actually don't mind at all! It's very pretty).

Whatever your plans may be - dinner/movie with your love, brunch with your girlfriends, get yourself looking fab so whether you're single or taken, you will still feel like a million bucks on Valentine's Day!




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