Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Your BFF


Hello you, and hello Thursday!

I can't believe that Valentine's Day is already around the corner! Where did January go?!

Besides the obvious note that time continues to fly on by, I wanted to give you some great gift ideas for your best friend for Valentine's Day. Whether you're single or not, she is always by your side, putting up with your craziness, so show her some love!

I honestly had to employ all my self-control mechanisms to stop myself from buying some of these.

(hint - #4)

Ok! - let's get to it.

1. bareMinerals Gen Nude Liquid Lipcolor -$18

I have heard so many great things about this lip color! Matte lipstick and lip colors are so popular right now, and from what I've heard (from multiple people) is that this one is a really great option. It stays on well and comes in a variety of pretty, natural colors.

2. Cable knit beanie in Rose Pink - $8.99

This is a really warm, yet inexpensive beanie! If you aren't feeling the pink, it is also available in a million different colors (I have it in black!). I know that Rose Pink is eligible for 2 day free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member, and so are some of the other colors as well! Beanies make great, simple gifts, and who doesn't love a cute new accessory?

3. "Wine is my Valentine" X-Large wine glass - $35

Haha - for the single friend with a good sense of humor! This isn't any ordinary wine glass. It's an EXTRA LARGE wine glass. But single or not, wine should be everyone's Valentine. It doesn't judge you while you cry during the season finale of the Bachelor. But a boy might...

4. "Love you a latté" Coffee kit - $12

Ok. This is probably one of my favorite things in here. It comes with an insulated sleeve for your cup, stain remover, breath mints, and stoppers for your lid. COME ON. Who thought of this and why have I never seen these before? Literally all the things that I always need but never have while drinking the world's best beverage. She needs this.

5. "I Heart Caffeine" Sweatshirt  - $34

If you don't follow @TheDailyTay on Instagram, you should. I just bought this super adorable sweatshirt of hers and I can't wait to wear it every day of my life. She designs her own t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other goodies, as well as entertains me on the daily with her hilarious Snapchat/Instagram stories. Perfect gift for the caffeine addicted friends in your life!

6. "Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty Inside and Out" by Jolene Hart - $12.31

I have personally gifted this book on several occasions because it is such a fun read! If your bestie is interested in health, wellness, nutrition, or just eating healthy, this would be perfect for her. It gives lots of useful information as well as great recipes. This is also eligible for Amazon Prime 2-day free shipping!

(Can you tell that I like Amazon? And this post isn't even sponsored - lol).

7. "Fries Before Guys" coozie - $8

Haha after seeing this, I couldn't not include it. Especially after my french fry confession a few weeks ago - lol. Warmer weather is coming fast, give her a gift that will last her through the day-drinking seasons!

8. Amazing Grace shower and bath gel - $25

You had a love/hate relationship with them as a kid. The words "bath time" were sinister unless they were met with the promise of bubbles and bath toys. I don't know about you, but nowadays, a relaxing bubble bath can basically add years onto your life because they are so peaceful. Not to mention, this line of shower gel always smells ah-mazing.

9. "Life Begins After Coffee" mug - $5.99

You can almost never go wrong with a cute coffee mug. Unless they don't drink coffee. Do your research. But I actually quoted this mug on Instagram the other day and it was a hit. Never a truer statement.

10. "Bliss" Plush Throw - $39

Give me all the warm cozies!! A super cozy throw blanket will warm her, and her home up. Comes in a few other really pretty colors, too! Definitely tempted to get this for myself - lol. (There is free shipping on this bad boy)

Spread some love on Valentine's Day, and on every day!

Have a great week, make the most of each day!