Twirling around the Christmas Tree


Hello, lovelies! Happy Monday!

I am currently in Texas, enjoying a few days with Wyatt and his family. We are both so excited to finally have winter break!! Finals was as stressful as always, but hey - We made it! So strange to think that I only have ONE more "finals week" left... Where did four years go?! To all you talented smarties out there about to graduate, too - What are your plans? Mine are taking a little bit longer to figure out (lol), but hopefully a change in scenery will be in order? I guess we will see :)

This week I am bringing to you this cute little red dress that is perfect for the holidays! Such a simple dress can be dressed up or down, which is awesome for me because I am all about versatilty. I decided to dress it up with some beige heels and a white scarf!

We have been having such warm weather for December in Tucson, which is definitely both a blessing and a curse. Fortunately, this trip to Texas was in perfect timing with a big cold front that is rolling in. We've been freezing, but it is definitely enjoyed! Finally feels like winter and I plan to enjoy every second!

If you do live in a colder climate, I have worn this dress with black tights before and it looked super cute. You could also layer it up with a Moto or leather jacket to help keep you warmer. I actually bought this moto jacket as a Christmas gift for someone this year (won't say who - hehe), but it is beyond cute and the material is so soft!

Since I bought this dress last year, I unfortunately can't find it online, but I have still seen it available in a few of their stores! Instead, I have linked up some very similar ones for you! :)

Have a great week, and Happy Holidays!!



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