Traveling Solo, and Why You Need to Do It


Hi there guys!

*Warning - longer post ahead!*

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I was in San Diego this past weekend!

It was a little bit of a last minute trip, but I am so glad I went. I am a huge SD fan, and I hadn't been out for a visit in soo long. I almost forgot how much I loved it - lol but I could never completely forget.

Why I bring this up, and why this post is called "Traveling Solo, and Why You Need to Do It" -  you guessed it! I went on this trip completely solo. Since the trip wasn't planned very far in advance, I didn't want to pressure anyone into changing any plans they already had. I also kinda wanted to make the trip by myself.

I have never been alone in another city or state. I have never been forced to be self reliant in a situation like that. I felt like this was my chance to feel what independence could really be like. Many women my age, and maybe even older, are likely in the same boat. We are taught that we must have friends/family/significant others constantly surrounding us in public, social situations. I really want to this post to go to show, you really don't. 

Traveling solo as a woman is a little taboo to begin with. I know that I have avoided it in the past for fear of looking awkward/alone, getting "creeped" on, or any number of other worries. The truth is, once I was out there, that wasn't what it was like at all. 

Here's what is was like though:

- I was never creeped on

- I only got lost one time in 3 days, and quickly found my way back

- I let go of my insecurity of being alone in public

- I did everything I wanted to do, sans the input of another person or other people

- I became more self-reliant 

- I saw the city through my own eyes instead of someone else's

- People were kind and would happily take a picture for me or give me directions

- It was surprisingly nice to meet only new faces

- I ran according to my own clock

- I became more mindful of myself and my surroundings

- No one judged me for eating pizza 3 times - lol

It really was indescribable how empowering the whole thing was. Yes, there was one time that I wished I had one of my friends or family members with me. I was staying in downtown, and on the Friday night I was there, I really wanted to check out the night life. I decided against it, as going on this trip in general was already a big deal for me. BUT - I still ended up having a great night watching movies, eating junk food, and just learning to enjoy my own company. 

I definitely recommend taking a solo trip, the sooner the better! Don't wait. The longer you think about it, the harder it will be to get yourself to go. You don't need to wait until its the right time for everyone to go on an adventure, if its the right time for you, just go

Where I stayed

While I was there, I stayed at the Comfort Inn at Gaslamp. Is it the Ritz? No. But it was clean, I felt safe, it was in a great location, and the staff was friendly. It also didn't break the bank, which was a huge plus for me! I am also all about that free hotel breakfast - laugh if you want but free breakfast in a big city easily saves you some serious dough! I'd rather spend my money on good coffee, you feel me? 

What I did

The first morning I woke up kinda early. I had breakfast, then I wandered around downtown looking for coffee. I walked the streets, window shopping, admiring architecture, and soaking in the history and culture of the city. Hint - people always look right in front of them. When walking through a city, look up. They rarely remodel above ground eyesight. You will see a lot of cool, older details and styles you never knew were there.

I then, actually did some job interviewing and apartment hunting. Keeping my options open for post-grad;)

That night, I ordered pizza with all of my favorite toppings, ate chocolate and watched the Harry Potter marathon that was on TV. It basically was the night I always dream of having but never actually get around to doing - lol. 

Saturday, I slept in! It was probably induced by the food coma I put myself in the night before. I then got ready, packed up my stuff and checked out of my hotel. I drove across the bridge to Coronado and spent the morning there, sipping coffee and walking along the beach. It was a pretty quiet day there, so it was extremely peaceful. 

So - I didn't do anything crazy, but it was the trip I wanted and needed. I hope this helps you feel inspired to take a trip with yourself, too. You are so important and you must take care of yourself, no matter what life is throwing at you. 

Take your trip, and let me know how it goes!



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