Travel Inspo - Accounts You Need to Follow


Oh my goodness this Friday feels well deserved and I'm not even afraid to say it! What a crazy, crazy week this has been! In addition to the normal chaos, I have unfortunately been having some tech issues. My computer auto-updated the other day, and has been running at a snail's pace ever since. Its so bad, it has taken my computer 5 minutes to type out this paragraph.

I'm normally a fast writer, so that drives me absolutely freaking crazy.

I'm done ranting. But please excuse how short today's post is going to be, my patience can only handle so much lol.

Anywayssss... like most of you, I'm guilty of slipping into European day dreams occasionally.



The pictures these travelers post capture the beauty of our world in a way that has me packing my bags yesterday. If  travel is on your mind, or if you want it to be, here are the accounts you should be following:








I hope you all get some inspo & also have a great weekend! Unwind, enjoy time with loved ones, and get yourself refreshed for the week ahead!