Transitioning Into Fall


To say this summer flew by is absolutely an understatement. August has now come and gone, and with it (hopefully) comes cool temperatures, hot lattes, lots and lots of sweaters, and cozy booties. Growing up in the Southwest, "Fall" is more of a mindset than an actual season. And from what I've heard from some San Diego natives, I'm in for a similar sort of autumn season. 

I can't complain, as I am the world's biggest sissy when it comes to the cold, but that doesn't mean I won't fully embrace the mindset that is Fall. Although the temps are still pretty warm here, thankfully I have found a few ways to begin to embrace the coming season while still keeping cool in the sunny weather. 

Incorporate fall colors into summery clothes. 

This dress is a perfect transitioning piece. It isn't as easy to see in photos, but in person it is a super pretty, dark olive green (which I have been loving lately!). The fabric is light, the fit is airy and very comfortable. This dress was perfect for a sunny afternoon brunch in San Diego, but will definitely be making other appearances as the temps start to drop. Tobi has a ton of great pieces like this one right now! A denim or suede jacket would be great for adding layers and keeping warm on chilly days. Plus, olive green looks great against a lot of different skin tones/shades (so no worry about looking washed out when your summer tan starts to fade)!

Booties, booties, booties.

Easy enough! Pair your favorite summer outfits with a great, light-colored bootie. I really love these ones, but even one with an open-toe would be adorable and appropriate for the season. I would maybe try to stray from dark colored or velvet boots for now, and focus on beiges, taupes, and light browns when pairing them with summery outfits. It will help you to keep looking light and fresh.

Side note - this dress was steamed before I left the house, but you can't just rush through brunch in order to stop your dress from wrinkling right? Live your life, rock your wrinkles.

Another side note, I hope that everyone is doing well and staying safe this summer. My thoughts and prayers are with all of those in Houston and surrounding cities that are so deeply affected by Hurricane Harvey. Things like this remind me how we can't control everything (a real issue with me sometimes lol) and that life is short, precious, and meant to be enjoyed. Take a minute today to really be thankful for all you are blessed with, and remind yourself every day! I know I'm trying to, too.

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