Texans for the Weekend



WHAT A TRIP.  Eight of us spent the weekend on the most beautiful ranch in Bracketville, Texas. *Thanks, Wyatt for the invite ;) We had such an amazing time, and took so many great photos that I just had to share.


Of course, we had to squeeze in a small photo shoot before a day of activities. (You can take the girl out of the city, but - you know we can't help ourselves)
The dog begging for my attention as we took this picture was such a love bug. There were so many dogs just running amuck and if you know me, well - you know it was hard for me to leave *cough* empty handed :( No one had settled on a name for this one yet, as he kinda just adopted himself into the family of dogs, so we called him Doug or Diesel (there was a bit of debate there).


But alas, stealing other people's dogs is frowned upon. Come on though, look at that face!! Little Peanut here had everyone considering adoption. On that note, why is it that a dog covered in fleas who sleeps wherever he feels like can take a better picture than my fat and spoiled weiner dog? (LOLA, get it together.)


Yes, this happened. My mom thought it was the funniest thing that someone was able (and willing) to teach me how to shoot a shotgun. But it was definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip! Once I was able to load it and shoot it by myself, it felt AWESOME. Hit the little clay pigeons twice but pssshhh, who's counting? ;)


The four of us are simply a mixture of new and old friends and I couldn't have imagined a better group! Definitely looking forward to many more memories with these amazing people!


Thank you for teaching me how to handle a shotgun, it is a skill I will treasure forever. :) Apparently my next step is hunting, so let us all wish Wyatt good luck in his quest to get me to shoot something other than a clay pigeon. 


I had to do some pre-ride bonding with Miss Felina here. This was probably more for me than it was for her, as I was a nervous wreck lol. 


All in all, the ride went smoothly. Or - as smoothly as it could go when all she wanted to do was trot the whole way. Those kinds of bruises were no fun on the eleven hour car ride home, if you know what I mean. She's got a great temperament, with a little side of sass so we got along great ;)


Barn nights are the best nights! After an amazing dinner with Wyatt's Aunt Diane, pictured in the middle, and Uncle John (not pictured), we retreated to their barn for a night of two stepping. After a while the country music faded into EDM, so needless to say it was a super fun night!


Although every activity made the trip great, these people are what made it amazing! Cheers to great friends, and a weekend we will never forget!