Summer Wishlist

Hello everyone, and happy Friday!! I don't know about you, but this week just flew by for me! There was so much to do and it seemed like I was doing something every second!

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I celebrated the end of a busy week with some online window shopping, and I thought I would share with you some of my finds. I haven't really expressed my personal style on here a whole lot, so maybe this will give you a better idea.

1. Striped t-shirt dress

Give me a comfortable dress and I will be the happiest girl. With these scorching Arizona summers, loose and flowy definitely make for a "go-to" piece. On that note, maybe I should refrain from buying this dress after all... It would probably be the only thing I'd wear for the rest of the summer. So guilty of committing the crime as it is. Why do you think you get so many more shots on insta of my hands than my outfits?! #OutfitRepeater #TotheMax 

2. Strappy sandals 

Ugh. I'm such a sucker for blue. SWOON. 

3. White floppy hat 

If you live on planet Earth and have an Instagram, you know that floppy hats are everywhere. While I love the idea of being original, this is just a trend that I can't ignore. They are so classy, not to mention classic. You can pair them with a swimsuit for a beachy look, with a sundress or romper for a cute afternoon look, or with denim and a flowy top for a more street style inspired look. So versatile!

4. Gold decorative rings

Rings, rings, rings! My friend and fellow blogger, Jordan, has so many cute rings like these and I am obsessed. While these are all gold, I love the idea of mixing silver and gold. There's something about breaking up the single metal color that I love. 

5. Denim skirt, textured crop top

Okay, I know denim skirts were super "in" when I was like 8, but they're making a comeback, and I gotta say, I'm a bit of a fan. They're so cute and perfect for so many occasions! Concerts, nights out on the town, brunch with friends, BBQ's, trendy shopping trips, just to name a few!

And this crop top. Probably the only thing of that color I could imagine myself owning. If you've ever seen me or my closet, it is 100% neutrals, blues, and lots of white. Something about this top just calls to me, and by the end of the summer I can promise that it will be hanging in my closet.

6. Throw pillows

I love making house updates and these pillows would look amazinggggg with the other pillows I have in there now. What I love the most about throw pillows is being able to mix and match them while still having a cohesive setting. The flexibility makes it so much more fun!  

7. White distressed dresser

Summer isn't just the time to update your wardrobe, but why not what holds it all, too? At the beginning of August I will be moving into a new house, which I am very excited about! The apartment I'm in now came furnished, so I am in the process of acquiring some new furniture. While I am still a college student and definitely cannot afford to drop a huge load of money on a brand new dresser like this one, I plan to kinda create my own.

I know you are all online shopping for wardrobe or home updates, send me your amazing finds! Let's fuel each other's shopping addictions, what better way to bond?