Simple, Yet Effective Skincare Routine

A blog post that requires me to not get hair and makeup ready to shoot? YES please!

I wanted to write this post because I think its important to say that there is no one right way to take care of your skin.

I see a lot of bloggers talk about their skincare routine, a lot of which include like 10 steps and hundreds of dollars in skincare products. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that if that's what your skin needs, and you can afford it.

The reality is though, I'm sure there's many of us who simply can't! Myself included! Not only do I not want to spend all my money on beauty products (tryin' to build that savings account, know what I mean), I don't want to commit to spending a ton of time in the morning and at night doing a skincare routine that isn't exactly necessary for me.

To be fair, my skin is relatively low-maintenance. I have some super dry patches, oily patches, and the center of my face is almost always redder than the rest of my face. But overall, pretty good.

Over the years, my skin has changed a lot, but I have found a super simple routine that works for combination skin.


1. Only wash your face at night.

I wash my face withliquid Neutrogenaface soap every night to remove makeup and excess oil. I used to wash my face in the morning as well, but coming back to Arizona has dried my skin up even more than normal. If you're having issues with dry skin, try cutting down on the amount of times you wash your face each day so you're not stripping your skin of its natural oils. This face soap is gentle, and minimalistic!


2. Moisturize like its your job

I bought thisL'oréal Paris Hydra Genius Daily Moisturizera few weeks ago, and it is a Godsend. It will keep my skin moisturized for a full 24 hours, something I haven't found in other products. I've tried a ton of the typical "dry skin" moisturizers, and this one has worked the best by far! Apply generously after washing your face at night, and a little onto dry spots in the morning before applying make up! It smells amazing, too!


3. Exfoliate about once a week.

My mom bought thisPeter Thomas Rothexfoliating peel a little while back, and we both love it! It retails for $48, which is a little more than I'd normally like to spend on a product, but since you aren't using it every day it will last a long time! Try to find a chemical exfoliant, as the gritty exfoliants can sometimes damage your skin. Here is another (less expensive!) option I'm planning to try once this one runs out -here.

4. Drink water, water, water, and minimal alcohol!

Probably why my skin was 50 shades of scary in college (oops). Alcohol wreaks actual havoc on your skin. Your organs will thank you too ;)

And that is literally it, and I'll swear by it! You really don't need an crazy complicated skincare routine in order to have a skincare routine that works. I'm sure this routine will change as I get older and begin to incorporate anti-aging products, but for now the best one is to keep skin healthy and moisturized!