should you take a contiki tour?

It was right around this time last year that I had heard of Contiki. My cousin and I knew we wanted to travel around Europe, and since it was my first time, I knew I wanted to see all that I could.

Neither of us had much experience planning trips abroad, so we were struggling creating our itinerary. When we got wind of Contiki, we immediately started scrolling through all their trip options!

Budapest, Hungary. #AliveinHungary

Budapest, Hungary. #AliveinHungary

What is Contiki?

Contiki is a travel company that organizes tours for young adults, ages 18-35 in different areas around the world. Their trips range from a few days long, to a few months! The price of your tour includes all of your accommodation, some meals, transportation, a guide throughout your trip, and some experiences are also included. There are additional experiences and meals that you can add on for additional cost!

I thrive on making pro’s and con’s lists when making decisions, so that’s the setup I want to have here to make it easier for you! So take each of these with a grain of salt, and know that something that may be a con for me may be a pro for you and vise versa!


Having other people to travel with if you don’t want to go alone.

You’ll get to see a lot of amazing places, some you may not have thought to go to on your own.

Your itinerary is planned out for you, no worrying about how to get from point A to point B.

Great for newer travelers, help you to learn the ropes.

Great friendships. You spend every day together, making incredible memories, you definitely bond quickly!


Accommodations weren’t always the nicest. I never had anything bad, but there were some that I wouldn’t stay in again.

A lot of the activities that you’ll really want to do aren’t usually included in the original price.

Can be pretty tiring. My tour was pretty fast paced, and we were having late nights a few times a week so you can get burnt out quick if you don’t learn to balance quickly.

Some activities can be considered a bit “touristy”, if that’s something that is a no-go for you.

Not spending a lot of time in each city.

Other tid bits

While you usually are in a relatively large group, you aren’t required to do everything with the entire group. We would sometimes go off in our own smaller groups to explore!

On the tour I went on, I decided to go all-in and I signed up for all the additional activities and add-on meals, which ended up being around $900 extra. It was a lot of money, but I was really happy with almost everything!

I wouldn’t recommend it for people who wouldn’t stay in a hostel, because you will! But we were always allowed to choose who we wanted to room with in our group.

I found down time on the bus rides between cities. I would nap for the majority of the ride so that I was energized by the time we reached each new city.

Contiki ended up being a great introduction to Europe for me, and now I know which cities and countries I want to return to to explore more.

Any questions/concerns I didn’t address? Drop me a line! I’m an open book! Below are some memories from my tour!