Reflecting On Year 22



Today is my 23rd birthday! Crazy, cause I totally feel so much older than that... Haha. Anyways - I wanted to just reflect on this last year, as it definitely was a big year of growth, and what would that be if I didn't impart this new wisdom on you?

Here we go:


When I was 22, I graduated from college and chased my dreams out west. I chased the dream of being an underpaid telemarketer and realized it wasn't for me. (HA ha)

When I was 22, I kissed a few frogs who did not turn out to be Prince Charming. Instead of letting those frogs rule my domain, I chose to fall in love with myself instead.

When I was 22, I saw that dreams and circumstances are ever-changing. One day your dream may change. Your circumstances may not reflect this same change, but that's where faith and hard work come into play.

When I was 22, I learned that its okay to not carry the same beliefs as everyone else. Religious, political, personal, relational, etc. Just because yours don't match someone else's doesn't make them any less valid.

When I was 22, I threw a tantrum because my friends wouldn't take me to McDonald's. Not my proudest moment, but a memorable one nonetheless. :)

When I was 22, I gained a new appreciation for patience. Do what you can in the moment, and let the rest go. *If you haven't yet learned this, safe yourself the time and stress and learn it ASAP.

When I was 22, I probably drank more than I did when I was 21. Boy, am I glad that's over.


When I was 22, my appreciation for my family grew enormously. They really are my back bone.

When I was 22, I heard someone say, "This isn't a dress rehearsal." in regards to life.

So as a result, when I was 22, I decided I was going to travel

When I was 22, I became more accepting of others.

Loving others for the way they are is the only way to learn to love yourself for the way you are.

So thankful for all the blessings this last year brought, and I am so excited to see what this year has in store! Side note - my dress is thrifted from ThredUp, but I've linked a few similar ones at the top of the post!