Tips for Making Friends in a New City

Making a move to a new city is probably one of the more exciting things I've ever done. The idea of a fresh start and a new array of things to do and see is liberating and absolutely wonderful.But what do you do when you know very few people in your new city? Or when you know no one at all?

When I moved to San Diego, I knew very few people. It is so easy to allow yourself to sulk in that fact and let loneliness ruin your new experience, but when you've worked so hard to get to where you are - don't let that happen!

Between myself and other women I've met who have been new to a big city, I've gathered a few great ways to meet new people and create your new girl-tribe.

Meet and actually talk to your coworkers!

These are friends that are basically given to you on a silver platter. You already have something in common, so use that to start conversation. You will spend more time with these people than anyone else, so get to know them over lunches and happy hour. You may find that you really click with some of them and end up opting to hang out outside of work, too!

My coworkers are some of my best friends. It's crazy how much you can bond with people over cold calling - lol.

Bumble BFF

In case you didn't know, the dating app, Bumble, also has a friend-finding function! Basically, when you download the app, you will simply switch the app from the traditional 'dating' mode to BFF mode. Don't worry, if you have a boyfriend. You won't show up on the dating side as long as you have your settings set to BFF mode!

I have met a lot of really great girls by doing this, almost all of which were also new to my city and just trying to find new friends, too. These 'girl-dates' can be totally nerve wracking just like traditional dating. A great way to take the pressure off for everyone would be to invite multiple girls to a group meet up! Even a simple happy hour can end up being a blast when you've got a whole squad of new friends there.

I personally haven't gone to any Meetup events, but I know a lot of people who have. Its a free website to sign up for, and you can sign up to go to events in your local area that interest you. There are so many different kinds of things to choose from, from happy hours, networking events, arts & crafts, book clubs, hiking groups, the list goes on! They usually even have groups specifically for people who are simply new to the city and trying to meet new people.

Join a club sport

Softball, kickball, bowling, etc. If anything like that sounds like your kind of thing, there are so many leagues you can join that are made for active adults looking to make new friends. If you want to find one in your area, Google search "club sports for adults" and enter in your city with it. I did it for San Diego and it came up with a ton of different sites to join!

Regardless of how you choose to meet new people, the key point is that you are going to have to put yourself out there in order to do it.

Going to an event or meet up by yourself is totally scary, but I promise that it gets so much easier the more you do it. Having friends in your new home could easily make your experience a million times better.

"Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." 

Now if you can't identify which movie that quote came from, sit yourself down and figure it out before proceeding in your friend search. 

Not that it will help you in any related way, but come on. That movie is a classic. *Is still swooning over Chad Michael Murray 13 years later*

Congrats on making the big leap and moving to a new city. Now go put on your super cute big girl pants, throw on some Party in the USA, and get out there and mingle, girl-flirt, make friends, however you want to call it!

Make me proud! Send me your success stories, I would love to follow your journey with you!Email me here :)