My Street Smart Safety Tips


Hi there guys!

Due to recent events, I felt urged to share this post with you guys. I had a scary incident occur with an Uber/Lyft driver a few weeks ago, and it could've definitely been prevented if I had been paying closer attention. Thankfully, nothing came of it, but it did open my eyes A LOT. I'll explain at the end of the post...

First off, let me just put it out there that these are all just precautionary. By no means do I think I or you are in immediate danger at all times. These are just little tidbits that I've learned over the years that someone maybe hasn't thought about.

Safety first!

If you're walking alone at night, have your 'weapon of choice' ready to go.

Pepper spray, keys, phone, hydro flask (personal fav), all work great. Get creative and use what you have available to you! I also keep a finger on my car alarm if I'm feeling especially vulnerable while walking to my car. Someone's likely to hear it, and it will draw attention to you!

Utilize your peripheral vision like the hawk you know you are

You could spot your ex-boyfriend's, new girlfriend that you stalked on Facebook one time (two times, who are you kidding) a mile away. Keep your eyes open! If someone is doing something weird or suspicious, politely pay attention. Let them know you are aware without provoking them.

Watch shadows

Unlike Peter Pan, everyone in this world has their shadow firmly intact. Use said peripherals to keep an eye on the shadows near and behind you. If they change unexpectedly, you'll see it right away!

Never, ever have headphones in if you are alone at night. 

I feel like this one should go without saying, but you would be amazed at how many women and men I see do this. *face palm* It is obviously much easier to sneak up on someone who can't hear you. Why do you think all 'prey' animals have amazing hearing? So they don't get pounced on by a lion, that's why.

On that note, if you are walking somewhere at night, stay off your phone all together.

Again, if you aren't paying attention to your surroundings, you are making yourself an easy target. Instagram can wait till you get to where you're going!

Have your Uber/Lyft driver confirm picking you up - before - you get in the car.

I had a driver hit 'cancel' on my ride as I got into his car, instead of confirming that I was in his vehicle. Which means, there was no record of him picking me up, where we were located, nothing. If I had been paying attention to my text messages, I would've known right away.

I called a friend the second I found out and told her my exact location for the rest of my ride (which ended up being about a minute). I reported the driver once I reached my destination and took some other precautionary actions as well.

If you're riding alone, always send the info about your car & driver to a friend, or share your location with someone! Find My Friends is a great app for that. And if you ever feel unsafe with a driver, wait until you're in a safe spot, and tell the driver to pull over so you can throw up. Yes, random. Yes, gross. But no one wants puke in their car, and they won't have much time to think about their response. They will pull over, and you can make your escape. :)

In general, just be smart and be aware of your surroundings.

Stay safe, friends!