My Goal for 2018

Happy New Year!


I know a lot of people are annoyed of/don't care for the cliche of "New Year, New Me", but for me, it's not about recreating myself. Each of us is on our own unique journey, growing and learning every day. I see nothing wrong with wanting to use the change in the calendar as a starting point for refreshing personal goals for that growth.

Each year I manage to come up with a long list of things I want to accomplish, habits I want to form or change, and milestones I want to reach. This year, I really wanted to take a different approach to goal-setting. I still made my list, but instead of creating a long checklist to complete, I looked deeper to see what the common thread was in what I had written down.

I found that it was positivity.

Or - lack thereof. Your mindset is your strongest tool, in my opinion. I knew that before I can begin to accomplish any of my specific goals, my mindset needed to change.

Since graduating college, I have faced a lot of challenges, disappointments, and rejections.

Since graduating college, I have been given the opportunity to grow, to remain humble, and to really begin to figure out what I want for myself in my life.

Now, which of those statements sounds better? They are both rooted in the exact same experiences.

Your perspective on those experiences makes a difference. I am choosing the positive difference.

Going forward, I have a plan.

How I am choosing to incorporate positivity into everything I do:

1. Meditation, exercise, journaling, or anything that allows me to get out of my own head in a healthy way.

Am I implementing a strict plan for which days I'll do each exercise? No. If on Monday I feel like I need a run, I'll run. On Tuesday I have the urge to write, I'll write. Wednesday comes around and all I want to do is lay on my bedroom floor and breathe for 15 minutes, I will. I want to start listening to my body and fulfilling what it needs each and every day!

2. No more negative self-talk, and no more using comparisons as a way to put myself down.

"Their ___ is better than mine." "That person is way better at this than me." "I'm not outgoing enough for that." I know I can get wrapped up in the comparison game, most of the time without even realizing I'm doing it! Social media definitely doesn't help with that. However, I am making myself more aware of it, and have been able to stop myself when its happening. Baby steps!

3. Similar to what I did with rephrasing the statement I made above, I am also working to reframe life events so that they have a positive outcome instead of a negative one.

Situations that I felt weren't handled well or that I wish would've gone differently are now their own learning experiences. "Now, I know how to handle (_____ situation) better, should it ever happen again." "Next time, I know that I would rather look for (____ qualities) in my friends and relationships." The past will always be there, so I'd rather it not follow me around like a ghost, stinking up my present and future.

For me, this is my fresh start.

How are you starting your new year? Tell me your goals, and we'll keep each other accountable!