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Hello, summer!

I have been soaking up sunshine at any chance I get lately, the weather here has been so gorgeous! Definitely not missing those 120 degree temps that I left back in AZ... But even though I love the sunshine as much as the next girl, I don't love damaging my skin. Unfortunately, my skin burns really easily, so laying out and "tanning" isn't exactly an option for me.

I started using self-tanner about 6 months ago as a substitute to bi-monthly spray tans. The benefits of using self-tanning products instead of going to get a spray tan are 1. cost, 2. convenience, and 3. control. While I got a great student discount on my spray tans, I was still spending almost $50 a month on them. Finding the time to go get one was also an issue sometimes, as I would have to plan my day around an appointment and not being able to do much afterwards. And then there were a few times that the person spraying me had their own opinion of how tan I should be... AKA they turned me into an oompa loompa when I asked for a light tan.

I had heard really great things about the St. Tropez brand of self-tanner - but, part of switching to self-tanner was an attempt to save some $$ in the process.  I instead opted for a similar brand that was less than half the price. I have been using St. Moriz self-tanner, and it has been nothing but great! It is easy to apply, and only has to sit for 4 hours. Most of the time, I will just apply it before bed and shower to wash it off in the morning, that way I can wake up looking fresh and naturally tan. 

Tips for application:

Shower, shave, and exfoliate before applying as this will extend the life of your tan. Also, make sure to moisturize any time you shower afterwards! I am pretty fair-skinned naturally, and I bought this shade and this glove to apply it with. I can't express this enough - buy the glove! The extra few dollars are definitely worth having an evenly applied tan and unstained hands. To get a natural-looking tan, apply one to two coats of the tanner on your body and one coat on your face and neck. If you choose to sleep in it, avoid using white sheets or wearing light colored clothing, and make sure your room is nice and cold to help avoid sweating and staining your belongings in your sleep!

For those who have asked me about this, I hope this answers your questions! What methods do you use to get your sun kissed glow?

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