Home Tour

I'm Back!

So happy to be back in the blogging game! Now that I am all moved in to my new place, I thought I would give you guys a little tour. 


Tip for creating a creative pillow collection: JUST GO WITH IT. I bought the two floral ones almost a year before the striped and solid blue ones. I love combining different styles, it keeps things interesting to the eye!


Again, I love to combine elements of different styles to creatively tie a room together. 




Located in our dining room, one can never have too many gallery walls! Especially with new roommates, it is SO much fun to get to collaborate and use each of our own things to create something new and adorable.


Clearly we like neutrals and simplicity! (not to mention, cozy blankets!)

Yellow and blue together are the BEST. I am so obsessed with this shower curtain, too.

When decorating, playing around with different things makes the whole process that much more fun. Not pictured is the desk that I am currently transforming! It started off black, but I have some exciting plans for it that I think will really complement my room and I am SO EXCITED to show you what I come up with! Stay tuned! I hope you all are enjoying being back at school, I know I am! Still in shock that its my last year, but I am eager to see what this year and the ones to come will hold for me.