Let's get Summer Ready!


Hey everyone! If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen one of the ways that I am getting totally summer ready. I wanted to share another one with you, and encourage you to join in with me!

This week I have begun the Alexa Jean Fitness #SoreToTheCore 30-day ab challenge!

I bought all three of her programs a while back, and I am (finally) beginning!

My experience has been great so far. While I’m not terribly out of shape starting out, I really wanted to tighten up my core and be more active. Strong core = better posture… and it also means I’ll feel better in my new swimsuits this summer, lol!

It is a program where you must keep yourself accountable. The workouts can all be done at home, away from a gym, so it will be easy to cheat. I highly recommend NOT cheating, because the only person being cheated is YOU! To get the full effects, you must do every workout to the best of your ability, (This message is for both you and me… I’m still going strong but I know a lazy day is imminent).

What’s great is that she gives you two breaks during the week. Monday & Tuesday are workout days, Wednesday is a break, Thursday & Friday are workout days, and you get weekend breaks! Totally doable, am I right?!

I’m only a week in, so it’s not too late to join me on this challenge! Let’s get bikini ready together! Shoot me an email and let’s do this!