Kendra Scott Spring Favorites Roundup

As I so recently showed on Instagram, I work at Kendra Scott!

I love my job and the jewelry, and because it is such a big part of my life right now, I wanted to be able to share that with you!

Since the new Spring collection launched last week, I wanted to share with you my favorite pieces. Even though - I think the whole collection is amazing.

Diane Earrings


These give me all the warm-weather vibes. They come in gold (what I'm wearing), bright silver, abalone, and blush mother of pearl. I actually want them ALL. They are super thin too, which is definitely nice on the ear lobes.

Justyne Earrings


Not going to lie, when I first saw the picture of these I was not sold. But in person - OHH my god. They are so much fun to wear. The tassels are an ombre mix of acrylic and abalone shell! Meaning - they, too, are so much lighter than they look! I am loving abalone this season.

Kitty Earrings & Patricia Necklace


As one of my bosses would say, "KITTY IS KWEEN!" - lol. How cute are they?! Kitty is like the 'little sister' of the Justyne earrings. They come in this pink mix, and also in blue and in white. I paired it with the pink Patricia necklace to take my winter outfit to a more pre-spring look!

I honestly have something good to say about just about everything in this collection, but I'll let you decide the rest for yourself;)