How to Use the New App


Top / Shorts - similar / Cardigan / Sunglasses / Shoes /Purse

Dress / Sunglasses / Lipcolor

My new favorite athletic shoes

Top / Leggings / Shoes / Sunglasses

Top / Earrings / Denim / Shoes / Purse

Hello lovelies!

Here is a little roundup of some of my favorite spring looks for you to shop!

With the launch of the brand new app (available free through the App Store), I figured I would give you all a little rundown about how it and the program works. is a program that makes online shopping a whole lot easier. If someone posts a picture of a cute top on Instagram, you want to know where she got it, right?

What does is provide you with the exact link to where you can purchase that top, along with the rest of her outfit.

To be able to receive these links, you must be signed up with, which can be done quickly, and totally for free on their website. It will ask you to link your Instagram account, which you will want to do. Once you 'like' an image that is enabled through, you will receive an email containing the links to the items in that image.

"How do I know if an image is enabled through"

In the caption of the image, you will be informed that the outfit details are available through, followed by a link that looks something like "http://liketk.it2qEyL". This link is provided for you in case you would rather find the links to the featured items by 'copy' and 'pasting' that link into your browser. These links are case-sensitive, so you will want to pay attention to that!

You can also refer to the bottom right-hand corner of the image, where you will see a heart symbol. This means the image is enabled through

Now that the new app is available, there is no more waiting for an email.

(I know this is a TON of information, bear with me and feel free to ask me questions!)

Here's the breakdown: has made it even easier to shop your favorite Instagrams by introducing the app. All you have to do (once you're signed up and have the app downloaded to your phone), is screenshot or 'like' a enabled image, and the links to the items featured in the image will immediately pop up in the app.

Lol - don't worry, its not like Snapchat and it won't notify me if you screenshot my image!

(So screenshot away!)

The images that appear in your app will remain there for your convenience, should you ever want to go back and look at something again. No more having to dig through a thousand old emails to find it!

If you don't feel like downloading the app, you are still able to receive product links sent straight to your email by 'liking' my pictures, or copy and pasting my provided links into your browser!

Again, let me know if you are confused, or have questions, I am happy to help you!