How To Keep Inexpensive Clothing Like New


TGIF am I right?!

Wow, what a week it's been! I apologize for not getting out my usual 2-3 posts this week, I have been prepping for graduation like a mad woman! 

I kinda realized that um - ok. Yep. I graduate in like 20 days. Cue the panic attack. 

Just kidding, I'm not in full blown panic - yet - but I am hustling trying to make sure I finish school on a strong note and that I have my affairs in order for post-grad.

am managing to stay sane right now by exercising my butt off. And boyyy does it help. I am also utilizing the power of comfort food, which, I'm sure someone is looking down upon - BUT I am hitting the gym like nobody's business, too. Its all about balance, right? I'm weak for Velveeta - please don't judge.

This casual pink and white-striped bodysuit is a major favorite of mine right now. It is so soft and comfortable,  I can already tell it will be a favorite through summertime as well. It is, yet another, great find from Forever 21

While clothes from Forever 21 are super cheap cost-wise, I am no stranger to the fact that they can be cheap quality-wise as well. I am a young, soon to be graduate, and I do not have the money to blow on well-made designer clothing. Its just a fact, and I am in no way ashamed of it! You have to learn to work with what you've got in the season of life that you are in.

Naturally, I now have a few tricks up my sleeve for preserving the "newness" of your inexpensive clothing.

1. Wash everything in cold water to prevent shrinking. ALWAYS! You forget one time and its bye-bye cute blouse and hello unwanted crop top.

2. Hang your clothes to dry. My only exception to this is anything denim. I've found that the quality of jeans/pants isn't as affected by the dryer as it is for tops & dresses. Plus - who the heck has time to wait for jeans to dry? Certainly not me - lol.

3. Hand wash knit items, and hang them to dry. This is mainly targeted towards sweaters! AND - if you are concerned with the hassle of hand washing, in the winter it is totally acceptable to wear a sweater more than once before washing it. Which leads me to my next point - 

4. Don't wash everything after wearing it once. Ok - this may sound bad but hear me out. If it smells or you spilled something on it, obviously it should be washed! Most of my tops I wear 2-3 times before washing, and bottoms could go even longer as long as they don't get stretched out quickly. This will not only save your clothes from becoming destroyed within 2 weeks, but you will also have to do a lot less laundry!

All of these tips have to do with how you launder your items, but it seriously makes a world of difference. These tips are the only reasons I still shop at inexpensive places. In my book, no matter how much you've spent on something, it should last you long enough to get sick of wearing it. 

I hope these help!

Have a great weekend, loves!



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