How to Have a Great Yoga Session at Home


Well hello, lovelies! For all my San Diego babes, are we loving this cool weather?? I am currently snuggled up in warm pj's and my little Ugg boots sipping down some peppermint mocha coffee - in other words, I'm living my best life this morning.

Now for the topic of this post...

Yoga is definitely one of my all time favorite ways to unwind and de-stress. Stretching and deep breathing together just works wonders on me, and since you're reading this, it probably works its magic on you, too!

I've found though, that getting myself to drive to the yoga studio can actually be a major roadblock keeping me from doing it more often, as well as the cost associated with some of the more popular studios. Sound familiar?

While going to the studio is definitely worth the money and the drive, sometimes you simply just can't make it happen. After work you turn into an exhausted homebody, and if you're into working out before work, it can be hard to find a studio offering classes super early in the morning.

So whether you're a beginner or a total yoga pro, I wanted to share a few of my favorite tips for making sure your at-home yoga session is just as enjoyable as going to a class!

First, find an area of your home with enough space for you to move around. Or - rearrange your living room furniture a little and make some room!

Second, you will want the environment to be peaceful and relaxing. I like to close my windows (so noise from the street doesn't interrupt me), and light a few candles.

Third, find a yoga instruction video on Youtube that you like! There are so many free options out there, and for just about any kind of class you can think of. I'm personally a big fan of vinyasa flow classes because they allow me to destress and breathe, while also helping me to tone my muscles.

Fourth, put your phone away or turn it to silent mode. You wouldn't have it disrupting you in a traditional yoga class, so you definitely don't need it here either! I know that without supervision it can be tempting - but I know you have plenty of self control and that you can do without it!

Easy enough, right? Now get off your phone/computer - your yoga mat is waiting for you!