How I Eliminated 80% of My Wardrobe


Before I moved back to Arizona from San Diego, I did a major closet cleanse! I probably donated 5 full trash bags worth of clothes and shoes. Once it was settled that I'd be working as an au pair for a year, I knew I was in need of another cleanse.

Cleaning out your closet can be really hard, especially if things hold sentimental value for you! And there's always that constant battle of "what if this comes back into style" or "what if I get invited to (insert some random, once in a lifetime event)!" Like no.

I decided to create a downloadable guide that will make it easy for you to declutter your wardrobe. I go through the exact process I went through both times, so I hope that you find it helpful!

All you have to do is submit your email into the form linked below, and the guide will be sent straight to your inbox! (sometimes it takes it a few minutes, but I promise it will get there!)

I want the guide!

Best of luck to you! You've got this!