happy earth day!


Today and every day, we should be honoring our planet. With all it has to offer us, it truly is a floating miracle! That's why, on this beautiful Earth Day, I wanted to share with you a few of the ways I try to be Eco-Friendly in my every day life.

Shop Second-Hand

The fashion industry really does contribute a lot of pollution. You know me, I love a great deal on clothing. Shopping second hand not only helps to cut down on pollution and water usage but it also helps out my wallet, too. I've found designer brands at thrift stores so many times, and always looking basically brand new! Buffalo Exchange and ThredUP are my favorites.

Eat Less Meat

While I don't consider myself vegan or vegetarian (yet), I rarely consume meat. Not specifically for eco-friendly reasons, but knowing that it could help decrease pollution definitely encourages me to keep it up!

Shorter/Less Showers

Before I learned about the wonders of Dry Shampoo, I was taking a 15-20 minute shower every day so that I could wash my hair. Now, a quick body wash before work is all I need most days - which ends up saving so much water!

Goals for This Year:

Use less plastic

Drive less, walk more

What are your eco-friendly habits?