Frayed Ankle Jeans



Hello there!

And I might as well say Hello to April as well! Can't believe that in 6 weeks my college experience will have come to an end. When people say it goes by fast, they most certainly are not joking. My mom and I say all the time that just yesterday they were dropping me off at the dorms for my freshman year. Its funny, I always used to think about what I would be like when I was older. Turns out, a lot of me has remained the same. And other parts of me have changed drastically. I feel very happy knowing that I have grown so much, and continue to grow every day.

I was so fortunate this week to get to meet up with a few fellow Tucson bloggers! The blogging game is so much more enjoyable when you can connect with people who actually get you and your crazy blogger tendencies (like taking the same photo 6 times because the first 5 weren't "just right"). We are a community over competition ANY day. Each of us has a unique blog and different personalities, but having this one huge thing that brings us together is what really matters.

Meet Jenny at Her Styled Story, Kirsten at The Wandering Brunetteand Sydney, who is in the process of starting her new blog! :)

About this look, I love the look of these frayed jeans. They definitely took this outfit from basic to anything but! I am all about the simple jeans and blouse look, but I am so glad to have been able to spice it up just a little. I see nothing wrong with keeping things classic, yet interesting. You know me, affordability is important. I've seen jeans like these priced at over $100 (they were beyond cute don't get me wrong), but when I saw these ones with a $35 price tag, my heart about kept out of my chest with joy!

With a pair of jeans like these, I knew I needed to simplify the rest of the outfit so that it wasn't visually overwhelming. In other words, incorporating trendier items with a few of the classics.  So, I chose this feminine, white blouse, my tan lace-up sandals, and this faux leather bag that I got ages ago. Some things just never go out of style.

What's a favorite item in your closet that you've had forever?

Make it a great week, everyone! You have the capability to achieve your goals, just give them a little TLC!



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