First Day of Spring!...


First Day of Spring!...

...and its already almost 100 degrees outside?!

I've got a feeling that us Arizonans are in for another suuuper hot spring/summer (shocker). You think after living here my whole life I would be used to it. Definitely not!

Last week was spring break and I did a lot of relaxing, eating, and hanging out with my family. It. Was. Wonderful. But, are junk food hangovers a thing? If so, I definitely have one. No amount of coffee has been able to rid me of the sluggish, tired feeling I've had all day!

Just what I need to kick my butt back into my normal eating routines! Which means more leafy greens and less Andes Mints kinds of greens. I think I ate 100. I'm a little sorry. Okay, a lot sorry. They're so addicting.

I love this look for spring for so many different reasons. One, white denim is a really great staple for spring and summer as it is very versatile and can easily be dressed up or down. Almost every top in your closet will look great paired with white pants.

Two, the accessories I chose are neutral, yet bold! I feel like it gives the outfit flare without over-doing it. These dangle earrings are lightweight and really inexpensive! Same goes with my watch, it is so easy to pair with outfits because of its simplicity, but it really pulls everything together and makes the look feel more complete.

Third, of course I incorporated my favorite wedges into the mix! I love (love) how comfortable they are. I know that the heel may be high for some women, but the platform on the front really does take a lot of pressure off your feet! I love the boost in height they give me. Although I don't really need it (at just under 5'7"), but I find myself walking taller and it really is a great mood-booster! :)

To top it off, I snagged this adorable striped top at good ol' Target the other day for $16! Target amazes me every time I go in there. I could dedicate an entire post to great things I've found at Target. Don't worry, I will spare you until another day ;)

Going into this week, remember -

"Success isn't owned. It's leased, and rent is due every day." - J.J. Watt

Now get out there and kick some butt!



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