Festival Outfit Inspiration ft. Ilymix Sunglasses


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Let me tell you, it has been a bit of a sleepy week for me! Maybe because its been cold out in the morning, but I have not wanted to get out of my warm, cozy bed. Thankfully by now, Lola knows when my alarm goes off at 6am, I get up and take her outside. She keeps me accountable - lol.

I have been so excited to share this look with you ever since we shot it. Isn't this floral jumpsuit just the cutest thing? I wanted today's look to be shopping inspiration for those of you heading out to Coachella this year. While I won't be attending this time, I have been to a few weekend music festivals and I know the struggle of needing a cute, comfortable outfit that you can easily throw on!

I know this may look like a dress straight on, but it actually has pants. Which, I thought was like the best thing ever. You can sit, dance, do whatever with all the freedom of pants and none of the liability of a dress!   It also has a super cute, open side with a single strip of fabric across your back. Its a really pretty detail that will keep you cooler on a hot day.

I paired this outfit with my favorite wedges, these designer lookalikes that are over $100 cheaper! Talk about a great deal and a comfortable shoe! I chose minimalist accessories, as I wanted them to complement the outfit, but not be the statement piece. Simple, open-circle silver studs and a faux marble arm band bracelet.

What I feel like brings the outfit together and makes it complete are these pink Ilymix sunglasses. Who wants to lug around a pay of Ray Bans with them at one of these things, where the weight of their cost is holding you down like a bowling ball? I, personally, like to have super cute, inexpensive pairs to take with me to things like this. That way, you can be worry-free and purchase multiple pairs to go with different outfits, too. Summer time comes with a lot of scenarios where trendy, inexpensive sunglasses are a smart choice. Concerts, the beach, pool parties, just to name a few.

Ilymix carries a ton of this season's trendiest sunglasses, and I encourage to you check them out! I actually really love the ones they sent me, not to mention, I get a ton of complements when I wear them.   In addition to these pink ones, I also received these silver ones! Its kinda funny, I normally try on like half the store when I go pick out sunglasses. I didn't try either of mine on before hand and I actually liked them BOTH. Ilymix and their partner store Jewelry Bean are offering my readers 20% off, just use the code "Anna20" at checkout. They have a ton to choose from, and they all  under $40 - most of them are even under $30!

 You can find their website at www.ilymix.com!

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Pink Sunglasses (shown above) / Silver Sunglasses

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