jergens natural glow self tanner review


Hello there, and Happy Wednesday!

I gotta say, it feels a little strange having a new blog post up three days in a row! I went almost a month of posting nothing, and I honestly didn't feel good about it. I love writing and interacting on here, so there's no excuse for not doing it more, if not, every day. 

Let me be the first to say, that this post is not sponsored! 

I am genuinely, whole heartedly, pro- sunless tanning. I've tried the different methods over the years, one of which I talk about in this post, and today and wanted to bring you all another great option. 


Self-tanner gets a bad wrap for looking orangey and fake, but I firmly believe that if you learn how to use good quality products correctly, you shouldn't have this issue!

What I've been loving about usingJergenslately is how hassle-free it is for me. Get out of the shower, put it on, and good to go! It takes a few days to a week of usage to see results, but the tan is more gradual and won't leave you looking splotchy after a few days. 

Even bigger bonus - I'm no longer staining everything I own with an orangey tint!


Funny story, actually. Once, I was using a 4-Hour self tanner that you apply with a mit. With those, you have to wait a lot longer to get dry before getting dressed, or risk ruining your clothes. Me, not thinking, sat right down on my white comforter before I was fully dry. There, for now and forever, is an orange butt cheek, mocking me every time I see it. Lol

Anyways - If you are fair skinned like myself, start out with the"Fair to Medium"shade. Apply once a day until you start to see your color coming through. Then, apply as needed! Could be every day, every other day, depending on how often you shower/sweat! No need to use a tanning kit/glove, just remember to always wash your hands afterwards.

If you start to get an orangey look, you're using it too often! Just skip a day or two and start again. You can buy it just about anywhere, but I will link it here, in case you're somewhere buried in snow, so you can order online.

Let 2018 be your year of healthy skin!

Jergens Daily Glow - Ulta

Top: Sold Out, cute alternative - Target

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