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Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start!

This week I wanted to share with you how to keep your hair healthy while growing it out! I figure, if you opted for the "lob" (long bob) when it was a new trend a few years ago, you're probably ready for a change like I am.

Okay, so here's my hair story.

Right before high school, I chopped my hair to a little longer than collarbone length. About a year later, I was so over it. I proceeded to not get a single hair cut for over a year. Was I insane? Maybe. But was I determined to grow out my hair? Yes. lol.

I'll admit, this wasn't the best way to go about it, but it did work. By the next summer, my hair was super long and that was how I kept it for years. We're talking belly button/hip-bone range.

About two years ago, I decided to chop my super long (bleached, and unhealthy) locks so that I could rock the long bob for a while. I loved how healthy my hair felt, and how easy it was to manage! But now, I've had my fun and I am ready to have long hair again - lol. Back in June, I gave my hair one final big chop and decided that from then on out, I was going to be growing out my hair again.

Since then, my hair has grown about 4 inches, but I still have some growing to do before I will be at the length I would like. Growing out your hair is, unfortunately, not as easy as just not getting it cut (at least if you want it to be healthy and not totally lifeless). The key to success is keeping it moisturized, protected, and healthy. Here are the products I've been using to help my hair to grow long and healthy!

Hask Hair Masks

I use these weekly to restore moisture and strength to my hair. It makes a world of difference! I really like that these are so affordable, and my hair feels noticeably softer even after a few days/washes! By not letting my hair get dried out, it is less brittle and does not break as easy. Less breakage = more growth! I always get mine at either Walgreen's or Ulta!

Biotin Supplements

Now there is no pill that will make your hair grow overnight! But taking extra biotin helps your hair and nails to grow, as well as improve the quality of your skin. I bought these at Trader Joe's, but you can find them at most grocery and drug stores. Be sure to consult your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet!

"Its a 10" leave-in product

Besides keeping your hair moisturized, Its a 10 does (10) great things for your hair. I like that it leaves my hair super soft, and included in its 10 abilities is a heat protectant! Make sure that any time you put any kind of heat on your hair, you are using heat protectant. This will help your hair maintain its moisture and strength. Growing your hair out will not happen if you totally fry your hair! You can find this at most drugstores, and Ulta has it, too.

Round Brush

On the note of not frying your hair, lay off the flat iron as much as you possibly can! The quickest way to dry out and damage your hair is to straighten it every day. Instead, opt for the hair dryer and round brush. I learned how to blow out my own hair by watching my hair stylist do it, and then practicing at home. This practice smoothes out the hair cuticle without applying excessive amounts of heat. Not to mention, the finished product looks way more natural and voluminous than when hair is straightened with a flat iron.

Sorry for a bit of a longer post, but I hope that it is helpful for you!

This isn't my first rodeo with growing out my hair, so if you have any additional questions please comment them below, or shoot me an email!

Have a great week!



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