Things You Won't Think to Pack for Europe

Europe Packing List.png

We've all been there. You think you're packed, totally prepared, ready to go. Then you get to where you're going and realize you so aren't. As a way of helping you take 'guessing' out of the plan, I've compiled a list of all the things I am so thankful I had while doing long term travel throughout Europe, as well as a few things I wish I would've thought of before going! Your needs will differ based on the type of travel you are doing, so if you're a backpacker, the items with a star (*) next to them will be especially important for you!

Things I Have and LOVE:

A sturdy phone case - I currently have the iPhone 8 and this is the case I bought for it. Sturdy but still slim enough to fit into my purses and pocket!

These outlet converters - Trust me, buy the pack of four. You'll definitely want to have more than one if you carry more than just your cell phone with you. This includes hair straighteners, laptop chargers, camera charger, etc.

THIS portable charger - If you're going to purchase anything from this list, this portable charger should be it. I call it my 'brick' because its sturdy, but the thing carries FIVE dead-to-full-battery charges, its truly never let me down!

Backpack - I love the backpack I chose for my trip. While its not your typical 'backpacker' backpack, it did hold a month's worth of stuff with no problem! And I can still use it while hiking and on shorter weekend trips, and it works perfectly! 

Money Belt - I'm not going to lie to you and say I actually wore my money belt in every city, but in the cities that I did, I was SO thankful to have it. Big European cities, especially in the summer months, are flocked with people and it makes it much easier for someone to get their hands on your stuff! This will give you instant peace of mind.

This book - I've done many of the things this guy recommends in this book (all outstanding!), and not to mention he has a ton of great overall travel tips, especially if this is your first time in Europe! Will make a great airplane read!

*A padlock - If you're staying in a hostel, you'll probably want to utilize a locker for the majority of your stuff during the day, when you're out and about. While some hostels will let you buy/rent a padlock, you'll save money and stress (over someone taking off with your stuff) by having your own padlock.

*Microfiber Towel - Regular towels take forever to dry and can take up a lot of space in your bag. Buying one of these will save you from so many packing headaches.

Packing Cubes - If you're OCD on any level, long term travel will come much easier if you can organize your suitcase with packing cubes. I've also seen people get creative and use large pencil cases/Ziplock bags if you're wanting to utilize something you've got around your house. 

What I Wish I Had Packed:

Outlet Adapter (different than a converter) - I broke my hair dryer on the first day from not having an adapter. The power outlets provide different amounts of electricity in Europe than they do in the States, so make sure to use one of these bad boys for your hair appliances!

Travel Journal - So simple, yet apparently not. I always have a journal with me, but I didn't think to bring a fully travel-related one along and I wish I had! Days fly by so quickly on the road and if you're sentimental like me, you'll want to remember every minute!