do what you want to


Anyone else feel like they were way more adventurous as a kid? Like, you tried all kinds of different things and hobbies without a care in the world about what it meant for your future or your social circle?

But when was the last time you did something simply because you wanted to?

As we grow up, it seems like we forget how to do and try different things just because we 'want to'. Everything these days has some kind of motive behind it, or we're keeping in mind what this activity will do to push us forward.This morning, I woke up (it is my day off work) and felt like doing some painting. I love painting, but I rarely remember or make time to do it. Even though there were other things I knew I should do this morning, instead I decided to paint.

We all get so tied up in working, networking for work, juggling family, our social lives, and making sure we're eating healthy and exercising and everything else that goes along with that. We're depriving ourselves of actual, enjoyable hobbies. And for what? To say on our death bed that we devoted our life fully to pushing ourselves to the limit with small moments of enjoyment?

I challenge you to find a hobby and stick to it. In this blog post, I listed a few different creative hobbies that you can take up! But seriously, if you can't think of anything you'd like to do, just google search "hobbies for people who like ____" and fill in the blank with something you enjoy or you think you'd like to try! I'm sure something will spike your interest!