DIY Ripped Jeans


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If you've come to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank, you've come to the right place!

Today's post is featuring a super easy, step-by-step tutorial for creating these black, ripped jeans that are pictured above. We all know that going and buying a brand new pair can sometimes cost a lot of money. Especially with the holidays around the corner, its safe to say that that is NOT in the budget - lol!

I don't know about you, but I have been absolutely coveting the cropped, ripped black jeans that everyone seems to be wearing! But, like I said, definitely not in the budg. I figured since I have two pairs of black skinny jeans just lying around, why not just make my own?!

Step one is simple enough! Cut small slits into the jeans, just above your knee cap. Just enough of a slit to mark where you will be cutting more later.

Again, simple enough. Fold the bottoms of your jeans till they are at a good cropped length. How far up you cut them is completely based on your preference!

Cut the hole horizontally, in a relatively straight line. Yes, I mean LINE. You don't want to cut a huge hole. Once you've done this, you will cut the hole a little wider by trimming the bits of jean around it. It should end up looking like the picture above when you are done! Do this to both knees of the jeans. The holes on mine differ slightly in size/shape, but this makes it look more authentic!

Now, you will be cutting the bottoms! Try and make sure to cut these evenly. You can compare the folds of each of the legs before cutting to make sure you are cutting evenly.

MAJOR SIDE NOTE! Cut downwards, only! Do not pull an Anna and cut it upwards because you will cut waaaay too far up the leg! (I did all the trial and error for you lol)

You're almost done!! For this final step, you will want a bread knife, or any knife that has a rough edge to it. We are going to be fringing all our new seams. For obvious reasons, I really highly recommend NOT wearing the jeans while you do this step. Careful of your fingers, too I got carried away and almost cut myself a few times - but hopefully you are less clumbsy than my butter-fingered self...

You did it!

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