DIY Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

It's almost one of the most important days of the year...

Mother’s Day!


Kids love making things for their Mom for Mother's Day. As we all get older, it seems as though that tradition sort of goes away - which I think is a bit lame! Sure, Mom probably doesn't really need another stick-figure drawing of you and her floating in the middle of some construction paper. But name a single Mom who doesn't appreciate a well thought out, handmade gift. I'll wait.

If your mom is anything like mine, if she wants something, she'll go buy it. The woman has everything. So why not give her something that couldn't come from a store instead?

I compiled an entire Pinterest board full of great ideas for you! Simply click the picture below!

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DIY Pinterest mothers day gift ideas alive with Anna

DIY Pinterest mothers day gift ideas alive with Anna

Here's a few of my favorites:

DIY Coffee Cup Candles

Personalized Plates

"Open When.." Letters

(if you don't live near your mom!)

If you'd like to make her something but you aren't too crafty, take a few minutes to just write out a good, thoughtful letter or card. Include memories, thank her for being awesome, talk about how your relationship has grown over time, get personal! And if you can, take her out to lunch or a movie and give it to her then! I'm sure it will make for a memorable and happy Mother's Day.