Classic Meets Trend


Hi, there! How is your week going?

This last weekend was so much fun. It was the first weekend that everyone was back from winter break, so we got our fill of going out and celebrating. I did end up having to fight off a bit of a head cold, but it was all worth it to get to go out and have some fun with Wyatt and my friends.

Me and knit sweaters go together like peanut butter and jelly, if you didn't already know.

This week's post is a tribute to an oldie but a goodie! I purchased this sweater two winters ago, and it is still one of my favorites. Which means I definitely got my money's worth, seeing as it was a pretty inexpensive sweater! (under $40!) Since I got it a while back, I linked some similar ones below that I think you will love!

There is just something about a warm, cute sweater that will never go out of style. Pieces like these are definitely worth investing in, should you choose to buy a pricier option. I absolutely love simple, classic clothing like this while incorporating in trendy items. It keeps my wardrobe looking updated, yet classy.

My freshman year of college-self would have laughed at that last statement. While I have always had a love for fashion, for me back then, wearing yoga pants and a spirit jersey everyday was my idea of "having style". No offense at all if you do that, I can't judge at all seeing as I did it for like 2 years. Over time, I think my style has just started maturing and getting dressed everyday is more fun now than it ever has been!

For trendier items, I choose to mostly shop at places like Forever 21, H&M, SheIn, and other moderately to low priced stores. Clothes and shoes are inexpensive and usually are up to date on bigger trends. These are where I do most of my shopping. (college budget woop, woop)

How has your style changed over time? What do you seem to find the most of in your closet these days?

I'd love to know! Comment below or send me an email!

Have a great Thursday!!



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