Beating post-vacation depression

Whether you spent your spring break lying on a beach with a fruity cocktail, or on the couch with junk food like I did, coming back to a busy school/work schedule after a week of relaxing can be difficult! Here are a few ways to make sure you get back into your routine without feeling jet-lagged. 
1. Don't wait till the first Monday back to figure out your life!  Spend Sunday being productive and getting everything in order. Do your laundry, grocery shopping, and line up your to-do list for the week. It will all make the week flow so much smoother when you don't have those chores to think about on top of everything else!2. While you're at the grocery store... Prepare to cleanse! Whether you had the cocktail or the junk food (or both, I won't judge), your body could probably use a little help with cleaning out your insides! You can start by incorporating way more fruits and veggies into your diet, and way less processed foods and sugars. If you have juiced before, this is the best time to whip out that juicer again! If you are new to juicing and would like to try it, I recommend a great book that explains all the basics you will need to know (including good juicers to buy!), as well as provide you with tons of recipes to try! Refer to the "reading" category on the right, or click here to see my post about it!

Starting the week off with lots of nutrients will help you to battle the lag of waking up early and actually being productive.

3. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Over-stressing is just going to make the post-vacation depression worse! Nobody likes jumping into real life after a nice vacation, so just do your best and realize that maximum productivity is not likely to be achieved any time before Wednesday. It's okay.

4. Incorporate relaxing time into your week. Vacations are meant to leave you feeling relaxed and clear-minded. Don't let the effects wear off immediately! Quietly read a leisure book during your lunch break instead of working on an assignment. Lay out by the pool for a half hour once your morning classes are done. Go play with a puppy. Take a nap. Do what you do to unwind!

5. Realize that the vacation is over, and deal with it (harsh, I know) While incorporating some relaxing time in your day is good and healthy, don't forget that the vacation is indeed over, and people are expecting you to be on top of your assignments and deadlines. Getting behind on work because its now two weeks later and you couldn't get out of "vacation mode", is going to either get you fired or get you zeroes on assignments. Neither of which are going to benefit you. Acknowledge that you had a nice vacation, and embrace the benefits of it. But put on your grown-up pants and stay on top of your game because people are counting on you!

6. Start planning your next vacation Give yourself something to look forward to! It doesn't have to be a big trip! Get tickets for a concert coming soon that you'd like to see. Plan a little stay-cation and hang out at a hotel for a weekend. Make a day trip to a cool place nearby! If you can swing it, start planning your next big vacation.

Looking forward to what you have coming up makes leaving this vacation in the past a whole lot easier!What ways do you try to beat the post-vacaction blues? Comment your own tricks below! :) (I'm sure we could all use all the help we can get!)