Be Positively Blessed this Easter


Hi there guys!

I wanted to show you guys this look, as I am obsessed with this colorful top (by the way, its only $4). I also wanted to touch on something a little unrelated to fashion, but with Easter Sunday this weekend, its something on my mind that I want to openly talk about!

I love sharing my favorite styles with you. I love being able to show you exactly where you can buy everything I show you. I love being able to help you find pieces you love.

Sometimes we all, even myself, need a little reminder to be thankful for everything we have and grateful for all we are blessed with. Yesterday, while walking home from campus, a man stopped me to see if I knew the time. He looked like he was having it a little rough, and of course, I told him the time. It hit me then, that something as simple as knowing the time isn't agiven.

My heart went out for him, and at the same time, it filled me with so much gratitude for how blessed of a life I live. Whether or not you celebrate Easter, I encourage you take this holiday weekend to appreciate your loved ones and your blessings! There are a few ways you can incorporate grateful reminders into your day:

1. Make a list - a few mornings a week, take a few minutes and write out all the things you have to be thankful for. Doing this in the morning versus at night will get your mind into a positive state before the day begins, which could positively influence the rest of your day!

2. Appreciate small things - when someone says "Good morning" or holds the door open for you, don't just shrug it off! Take time to appreciate how nice those things really are.

3. Try to keep a positive mindset - when you're feeling depressed or down, its really easy to forget all the great things happening in your life. Doing what you can to see the bright side of any situation will help to you to stay positive, even when things aren't how you'd like them to be. I've found in my own life that when positivity is around, gratitude is always nearby.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Happy Easter.



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