Back to Basics


Hi there lovely reader! This is a post I wrote the night before I moved back to Arizona from San Diego. Needless to say, it was a time filled with a lot of emotion for me, so at the time I didn't feel comfortable sharing this post. With the move a little over a month behind me, I decided that I do want to share it. I haven't edited anything since I originally wrote it.

This is a topic I don't see written about very often in the blogging world. Or at least the blogging world I'm used to. As much as I love to focus on positivity and things that make me all kinds of happy, sometimes life is hard.

I announced my move back to Arizona on Tuesday. I know some people don't understand why I'm doing it, but thankfully I know deep down its the right decision for me right now.

But just because I know I'm doing the right thing, doesn't make it easy.

For starters, I am moving back only with what will fit into the back of my Jeep Patriot. That means...

Getting rid of LOTS of my material possessions.

In the past month, I've donated six bags of clothes, countless other household supplies, and other items that I no longer "need". And as a very sentimental person, it was hard.

I'm leaving my furniture, including the desk I spent two days building during my senior year of college. Its my desk. Its hard.

Its the desk I spent hours upon hours sitting at studying, and crafting this blog into what it is today. Its a desk, but it is so much more than that. Its seen every ever-changing side of me the past year.

The me who threw herself into blogging without a single care about what anyone thought. The me who applied like crazy, but struggled to get her first job. The me who frantically googled "how to move to San Diego" when I did get my first job. And everything that followed.

I'm leaving behind a life I worked so hard for 8 months to get. My job, my friends, my connections.

And its hard.

If I've learned anything, is that life is so predictably unpredictable. I never thought I would make the choice to leave San Diego. At least, not this soon!

But this choice is something I can stand by, only because of the eagerness I have for this life I've been given.

I am eager to reach for my dreams as they come. San Diego was a big dream for me, so I reached for it with all my might.


Now, a new dream calls and I must answer. Sticking with something forever simply because it was once your dream will leave you stagnant.

I choose growth. I choose to dream. I choose to continue to reach.

I choose to make the hard choices, to do the hard task of leaving behind all these objects that have meaning to me. And even harder task of leaving behind people who mean so much to me.

And before you jump to "how materialistic/shallow/lame" of me to be so upset about losing possessions, until you fit your entire life into the backseat of a car for the first time in your life...

*talk to the hand*

Anyways, as I refuse to leave on a negative note, here's what I am taking with me:

A fresh perspective on possessions.

The confidence in myself to follow my gut and my dreams.

The knowledge that my life's worth is rooted inside me, not what will fit into a moving van.

Whether you're going through the big, the bad, or the beautiful, absorb all you can from the experience.

Sometimes the hard things in life end up being so great for us. If you are going through something that's hard for you I encourage you to leave your story in the comments. But like I did, end the story with what you are taking from it. How it will make you better, or the positive things that came from it.