tips for moving to san diego


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I get asked all the time about my move to San Diego. The most asked question I receive is in regards to finding housing and roommates. 

Let me just tell you - moving was quite a learning process, and things did not all fall together overnight. But if I can share my story and advice in hopes that it will help someone else's journey, then let's do it!

First off, moving somewhere new is much easier when you have a job there already. I will say, it is much easier to find a job in the city you live in, but not everyone is willing to make the move without that secured position (I certainly wasn't!). Tip for job searching out of state: make it clear in your resume and cover letter that you are 100% certain you are moving and will soon be living there. If you are wishy-washy about it, you can't expect them to put their eggs in your basket!

If you are in your twenties, there are a few different areas of San Diego you will want to consider living in. 

Pacific Beach

All long time locals will tell you - you have to live in PB at least once. With a thriving bar scene, great food, and close proximity to the beach, it really is a great spot to consider! Expect to pay at least $1,000 rent for your room in a crappy 2-3 bedroom apartment (no, you will not land a 1 bedroom or studio for that price), but also expect to be walking distance from the beach.

Clairemont/Bay Ho

Close to PB (driving distance), and a little less expensive! Some apartments in this area even have views of the Bay. Don't expect the convenience of being able to walk everywhere like you would in PB, but for the price it is still a great and safe place to live!

North Park

North Park has so much character and lots of great food and coffee places! This is a great option for people who want to be closer to Gaslamp (Downtown San Diego) than to the beach. 

As far as finding roommates, I found mine on Other people have found theirs on Craigslist and through mutual friends. This goes without saying, but BE CAREFUL when meeting strangers. Before you meet them in person, have a FaceTime meeting. When you do meet, go to a coffee shop or other very public place. Listen to your intuition, and if something feels 'off', don't do it!

Feel free to shoot me any more questions you have about this, as well as anything you'd like to see answered in a future post!