apps for editing photos





Hi there, Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was so much fun! I had the day off from work, so I spent the day with friends, getting drinks and indulging more nachos and pizza than I'd like to admit! Lol sometimes you just need a day of enjoying great (chilly!) weather, great food, and great friends.

So, a few people have asked how I usually edit my photos and what apps I use. I have a whole process, and said process usually changes every few months as I learn more and adapt my aesthetic (aka - how everything looks all put together).

Editing photos, in general, just takes time and practice. There's always something new to learn, I don't think anyone ever reaches the "finish line" of winning photo editing. BUT there are a few apps I use on my iPhone that I would highly suggest becoming comfortable with (all of which are free to use, but some have the option to pay for better features or filter presets):


Great for overall lighting and color fixes.


Use this one to plan out our aesthetic


I use the whitening feature to whiten yellowish surfaces (walls, floors, etc. as it makes a photo look a lot cleaner), and the detail feature to enhance 'lost' or not-in-focus facial features.


The filter Preset I use is F2/Mellow, at about 3-5 points. Click the filter once to apply it, and again to adjust the strength.

Each offers different tools that will really help bring your photos to life. I would also suggest learning Adobe Lightroom, for when you are editing photos on a computer. This one does cost money, but it is really worth it if you are wanting to be more serious about editing photos well! It is the only program I will use on my computer.

I hope this helps! Send me your questions to see them answered, every Tuesday!