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Hello, and Happy Monday!

And it really is a happy Monday - I am finally feeling like myself again! If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll know that I have been fighting off a suuuper bad cold lately. Normally I can shake it within a day, two days max, but this one left me unable to leave the house for 3 full days!! Okay - that may not sound that bad, but it was 3 very long, boring, and miserable days lol. Felt like eternity!

I was so sad to have missed the Waste Management Golf Open in Phoenix. For those unfamiliar with AZ, it is an annual open that attracts from all over the nation. Mainly everyone gets dressed up to enjoy a day of fun in the sun after a long, cold winter! There is usually a bit (or a lot) of drinking involved and a teeny bit of golf, haha! Nevertheless, I still got to have some fun for the Superbowl so I can't complain too much.

About this outfit -

If you have not yet tried your luck with what people are calling "Athleisure", I highly recommend! This sporty-cute style mixes Athletic and Leisure clothing and is perfect for running errands, going to class, lounging, and casual meet ups. There are soo many different ways to do it, you can really make it your own - which I absolutely love! You can incorporate more athletic clothing or more comfy casual stuff and you will still look stylish. One thing to note is that layers are your friend!

In this look, I layered a light, tribal print cardigan over a thicker sweater (for a chilly morning), paired it with leggins that had mesh detail, and threw on a pair of slip-on sneakers!

To make it sportier, you could instead wear running shoes and a lighter top under the cardigan. For more inspiration and athleisure outfit ideas, check out my Pinterest for a board completely dedicated to it!

Anyone can rock athleisure, and why shouldn't you?

See you later this week for a super fun collaboration that you won't want to miss!



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Leggings old (from Old Navy!) - similar here and here // Sweater // Sneakers (Gap) - mine are sold out, similar here and here // Cardigan old (Forever21) - very similar here