A Weekend in Dublin Travel Guide


Our trip to Dublin, Ireland was one of my favorites. The Irish people, the beer, the amazing scenery, it all made me so hungry for more. This trip, however, did not go as planned. At all. They say the best things to happen while traveling are usually unplanned, and in this case they were right. Let's begin:

When we first arrived in Dublin, we did not roll up to this lovely doorstep. We had originally booked an AirBnB that looked great from the website, but ended up being dirty, there was no lock on the bedroom door, and it smelled heavily of the smoke of a certain illegal substance. Yeah, no thanks. So we quickly called up a few hotels within walking distance and we found Hotel St George. It just so happened that they had one room left that fit our exact dates - They SAVED the day and quite possibly the trip, too. It ended up being closer to the area we wanted to be in anyways, and for about the same price that we were paying for the terrible aforementioned room. It was very clean, and our room was cute, quaint, and had everything we needed! Its also very close to the bus that takes you to and from the airport. 


A few doors down is a place called Lily's Cafe, where I had this delicious meal for breakfast one morning. I'm almost certain this was the 'small' portion, too. I was full for hours. They had a selection of different breakfasts, pastries, as well as lunches. I paired my breakfast with a flat white, and Taylor got their house coffee (which looked amazing!).

We ended up going to Temple Bar twice. Once when we first got here (around happy hour time), and once at night. If you can swing it, I'd recommend doing both because the vibe was totally different each time. If you had to choose one though, go at night. Its pretty much all tourists, but it is still a lot of fun. Everyone there was just there to have a good time and to meet other people, just like you are. Allow yourself to be a "basic" tourist, even just for one night. Order the Guinness, sing loudly and obnoxiously to all the American bangers they play once the live bands stop (Sweeeeeet Carolineeeee... DAH DUH DUMMM!!). Its a lot of fun.

Also, make sure to check out other places as well. The Brazen Head is the oldest bar in Ireland, and it is definitely worth a visit!


Doing a tour of the Guinness Storehouse is a must, even if you don't like beer. The view from the top is amazing, not to mention, the inside of the building has cool architecture as well! I'm a beer fan, so drinking a Guinness here was something high on my bucket list. I highly recommend purchasing your ticket online (here)ahead of time, as they cost more to purchase at the door (and its the exact same ticket). You can even reserve the time slot you'd like to come at so you don't have to wait in lines. 


On our last day, we visited the Trinity College, including their amazing Library and the Book of Kells exhibit. I'm an art history nerd, so I was extremely excited to see this illuminated manuscript and it did not disappoint! This iconic Library is definitely worth a visit too. The books are organized by size and weight (which I found interesting), so bigger books are on the bottom and you'll see teeny little ones on the top! They also had different books on display, showcasing the effects of time (and other damaging factors) on books that couldn't be preserved. Really just goes to show how important it is to preserve items from history so that future generations can enjoy them!

We also did two day trips from Dublin, which I plan to include in a future post. Is there anything I didn't include that you'd like to see more of? Let me know in an email (anna@aivewithanna.com) or in the comments!