6 Reasons Why Coffee Should Be Its Own Food Group


This post is coming from a place of passion, in an effort to revert the harsh stereotype that has been set against coffee and its avid drinkers. People who don't drink coffee will sit and tell a coffee drinker how bad coffee is for them till they're blue in the face, till the cows come home, and any other phrase you can use to describe them not shutting up about it. Harsh? Maybe. But is it honest? Absolutely. To all my tea people - I feel you. This is not an anti-tea post. I love a good cup of tea as much as the next person. But there is something so magical about that first whiff of coffee in the morning (and every other time in the day for that matter), that really just warms the soul. So today my friends, I will be telling you exactly why coffee is good for you.

Coffee makes you happier by boosting your mood and fighting depression

Coffee nation is a happy one, let me tell you!

Coffee is a great source of antioxidants

Antioxidants protect your healthy cells from free radicals (aka bad cells), and work as a great, natural anti-aging tool! Stay young - drink up! ;)

It reduces aches and pains from working out

Feelin' good mentally and physically! Pour another cup for me, please!

Proven to prevent several diseases

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but coffee keeps heart disease, cancers, depression, and Alzheimer's away! (to name just a few!)

Makes you smarter and more productive

I mean, can you really find a downside in this? Sign me up for increased productivity!

Makes you friendlier

"No coffee, no talkee" was created and slapped onto a thousand different coffee mugs for a reason. Once that first cup is down the hatch - wow - you somehow gain tolerance for the human race again!

Drink up my coffee loving lovelies! (But obviously - be smart about it, as drinking way too much coffee can have harmful health effects. Everything in moderation!)

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