5 minute makeup essentials


Happy Tuesday!!

Woke up to news of a new Royal Baby! Is it just me or do they have some of the cutest little kids?! I'm sure this newest addition will not disappoint on the cuteness factor!

This is definitely not going to be a tutorial of how to get a flawless contour in 5 minutes. If you have 5 minutes until you need to leave, or don't feel like spending a ton of time on your makeup then this is for you!

I've never been a beauty queen, so I have definitely mastered the 'natural' makeup look. Being able to whip out a fresh faced look in 5 minutes is an essential for adulthood, so here are your tools:

1. Loreal Paris Moisturizer

The secret to a good, natural look is healthy skin beneath it. This moisturizer, which I've talked about before, is amazing for people with dry skin! I swear by this stuff!

2.Tinted moisturizer

In general, I'm a big fan of the Bare Minerals line. Their products look very natural, and aren't bad for your skin. I've been wearing their foundation since I was 13! What I like about the tinted moisturizer is that it evens out my skin tone, but doesn't look like makeup when its on.

3. Bronzer

This bronzer is great because you don't need to use a lot of it to get a natural look, but it is easy to build up if you do want a more contoured look! I recommend applying it under the cheek bones, on the temples, and under the jawline just to give you a little extra glow.


Blush is an essential. It makes your face look more awake and adds warmth to your skin.

5.Neutral Eyeshadow palette

I recommend a lighter color (ie. light brown) across the lid, a slightly darker color (medium brown) in the crease, and with an eyeliner brush, apply the second color like eyeliner across the top lash line, and in the outside corner of your lower lash line. Doing this instead of using eyeliner just creates a softer, yet still defined look.

6. THIS eyebrow pencil

I'm not kidding when I say, this thing is my favorite makeup product. It is like microblading your own eyebrows!

(except, obviously, it isn't permanent)


I use three different kinds of mascara, two for the upper lashes and one for the bottom. Totally not necessary, but I believe everyone is different in which/how many mascaras work for them! I've linked one of my favorites for you!

Now get out there and tackle your day, there's no time to waste.