4 Travel Day Essentials


Its no secret that travel days can be stressful sometimes. There’s usually a few moving parts that need to work smoothy in order to make it to your destination as seamlessly as possible, and most of those things you will have little-to-no control over. So, you can make sure you are prepared for anything by taking care of the things you can control. Here’s my go-to list of things you can do to make your travel day a little smoother:

  1. Minimal caffeine. I KNOW you never thought you’d hear it from me! But I definitely stand by limiting your caffeine intake on travel days. I usually will have one small cup of coffee in the morning and that’s it. These days can sometimes be stressful, so having your body amped up on caffeine isn’t going to help you to relax. It also is really important to stay hydrated, especially when flying, in order to keep your energy up.

  2. Bring moisturizer and chapstick. Dry, airplane air will shrivel you up in a second. Apply ample moisturizer before leaving the house, and bring along chapstick in your carry on. You will need it!

  3. Keep your portable charger handy. I highly advocate getting this one for any scenario, especially travel. It carries 5 dead-to-full-battery charges which is pretty incredible.

  4. Take a shower. As in, make sure you shower right before bed the night before or the morning of a travel day. Your day 4 unwashed hair will not be appreciated by anyone who has to involuntarily sit next to you for 3+ hours on a plane. Plus, public transport is usually not the cleanest place to be, so if you’re already dirty, you’re going to feel ten times worse.

Have safe and fun travels!