4 Benefits of Cleaning Out Your Closet


Happy Monday!  So this weekend's activities were put on hold when I caught a cold on Friday afternoon, but I have bounced back quickly (thankfully!). Normally my colds last like a week at a time, so knock on wood that this one is gone for good! Especially since I start my new job on Wednesday. 

In case you missed my Instagram story the other day, I gave a little update on my life up to this week. I have been at home the last week or so, writing new blog posts, soaking up relaxing time, and working on a new (fun) project, all while getting ready to transition to a new job. 

I am very excited for the new changes I've initiated in my life and for the opportunities that have unfolded recently. But - since this post is already a little long, I'll cut to the chase: Benefits of sorting through all your junk, and finally getting around to actually cleaning out your closet.

Making Room for New Clothes

This one is first, because DUH - it makes so much sense. I have this rule that I use pretty frequently. Any time I give away clothes, my reward is replacing them with a few new things. Are you really going to wear that worn out cami from your senior year of high school that just sits in the dark corners of your closet? Toss it and reward yourself with a new top that you will actually wear!

Out With the Old Memories

I don't know about you, but certain clothing items remind me of certain events I wore them to, or people I was with when I wore them. Life happens, and these memories associated with certain clothing items aren't always completely positive. If you are carrying bad vibes with something in your wardrobe, give it away. It will feel better to look in your closet and not have to go down negative-memory lane. You closet should bring you nothing but happiness! :)

Sharing is Caring

Holding onto unwanted clothing items is a bummer, especially when you have to sort through them every day on your quest for the stuff you actually like. Gather the items you don't wear (trust me, they're in there) and give them away. Give them to charity, to a friend, to your sister, whoever! Sharing is caring, and giving things to people who need or want them will not only get you some breathing room in your closet, but it will also make someone else really happy, too!

Find those hidden gems

So - the day has finally come. You're going to attempt to clean out your closet. As you're sorting through the chaos, you find that one top you completely forgot you had. You try it on and - YEP - still fits like a glove. Sometimes thinking about living without an article of clothing can make you realize how much you actually still like it. Either of these scenarios are win-win for you!

For Restocking Your Closet

There are plenty of affordable options for restocking your closet if you are on a tight budget. Some of my favorites are Forever 21, SheIn, Target, H&M, and even local thrift stores can be serious gold mines!

Now that you're armed and ready, get in there and clean out that closet!