3 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself Today

Hello everyone!

Three Ways.png

How has everyone been? I am officially back in Arizona, and am finally getting adjusted to being back. My car is still full and not unpacked yet, but I'm saving that duty for a super-special day. AKA whenever I feel inspired to do it (I hate unpacking more than I hate packing).

I've been trying to stay somewhat current on Instagram during my silence on here, but believe me it has been hard. I've been working night and day on something new, and I cannot wait till I can share it with you!!

In the meantime, I have been feeling so inspired by positivity and the effect it can have on even every day life. Mainly, in respect to being kind to yourself. It is so easy to be your toughest critic, and way harder to be your biggest supporter.

Can I just say - This life is so incredibly abundant when you allow it to be for you. Make sure to give thanks (even when things aren't going the way you'd like), tell the people you love that you love them, stay positive, do you, and be freaking kind to each other & especially to yourself.

A couple ways to show yourself some love today:

Give all negative self-talk the boot

Today, and every day! Any time you begin to be overly critical of yourself, just shoo the thoughts away and replace them with something positive or uplifting.

 Turn "I am so bad at ____" into "I am working towards being better at ___".

Let in some fresh air

Its amazing how healing and cleansing fresh air can be. Sit outside somewhere nice, or open up the windows, let a breeze into your home. Such a simple way to do something nice for yourself!

Take time to meditate

And by meditate, I mean sit or lay down in a quiet place and practice deep breathing. When thoughts come up, let them go without dwelling on them. If you need help, try a meditation app! There are so many out there. After just 5-7 minutes, I guarantee you'll feel at least a little more relaxed, if not a lot better.