3 Tips to Make Your Transition to the "Real World" Easier

Okay. We are not going to beat around the bush here. Transitioning from college to the "real world" is hard. Don't let anyone out there fool you into thinking that they aren't experiencing the effects of this uncomfortable transition period during their first few months of starting their first job.

You've gone from sleeping in till you needed to get up for class to waking up earlier than you'd probably like to 5 days a week. You also are used to only showing up for mandatory classes, being on your phone while you're there, scrolling through Facebook while pretending to take notes... Not that I did any of these things... But I hear, uh, that that's what some people do.

And now, you can't just say "Oh not today" when the alarm goes off and its time to go to work. You'll get fired. And, you kinda need that steady income in order to keep yourself out of your parent's house. So?

So - back to my first point. The transition sucks sometimes. I am thankful in some ways that I began working right after graduation, because I've gotten some experience under my belt now. For those who are just entering the workforce recently or in the near future, just know that everyone is going through the same struggle as you. But it doesn't have to be that bad. Here are a few things I've learned about dealing with this transition, and how you can make it a little less painful for yourself:


You will not wake up on day 1 of your first job and find yourself to have transformed into a full-fledged adult.

We all have so much to learn, and you definitely aren't going to learn all of it on day 1. Cut yourself some slack. Don't feel bad that you didn't meal prep your entire week before work or that you still need to ask your mom how to do simple life tasks sometimes. Should you eventually stop asking your mom how long to microwave leftovers? Yeah probably, but learning how to "adult" takes time. You'll get there!


Talk to your parents/support system regularly

On that note, keeping in contact with my parents regularly has helped me immensely. I still talk to my parents almost every day, via call or text. I swear, I'm needier now than I ever have been, but having their advice and support has been crucial and such a life saver. Understandably, some conversations are hard to have with your parents, no matter how old you are. I like to be independent, so learning how to ask for help when I need it was hard, but I think you'll find that it will bring you closer with them. They've been there, they get it, allow this time to bring you closer in that way.


Old (college) habits die hard, don't go quitting them cold turkey 

It isn't unheard of to go out and party during the week and on weekends in college. Its a lifestyle that, at least where I went to school, a lot of people adapt to. After your first week of nine-to-five-ing, you'll soon realize that maintaining that kind of lifestyle is straight up not going to happen. At least if you want to be somewhat good at your job. But cutting the nightlife completely out of your life doesn't necessarily have to be the answer if you don't want it to be. Learning that everything in moderation is okay will be your saving grace. Go out, meet people, have a good time on weekends or at the occasional weekday happy hour. Working full time doesn't mean your social life needs to go down the drain!


I could honestly go on for days about everything I've learned in the last 3 months, so there may be a sequel to this post. For now, as back to school time is here, just keep holding your head up high, doing the best you can, and remember how nice it is to not have homework and finals. *Perks*

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