6 ways to show up for yourself today


You’re feeling worn out, neglected, and just plain crappy. For whatever multiple of reasons, life’s got you down. You know what you need? YOU NEED TO STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF, and START showing up for yourself instead. 

A snipbit from the Anna Maximovitch dictionary:

Showing up (for): to show active support for someone. To be there when someone needs you. To give someone what they need, when they need it. To show love and respect for someone. To not take any crap, in defense of someone.

And today, that someone is you.

1.Make your bed right when you wake up.

Whether you leave the house for work or you commute down the hall, do this one simple thing and your room will look so much cleaner. A cleaner room will help you to have a sense of accomplishment, and a more clear mind!

2. Do the one chore that you keep putting off.

Your past self didn’t want to do it, and your future self wishes it was already done. So that leaves you with the “present” you. Just do whatever-it-is so you can move on to bigger and better things. Your future self will be so happy that you did!

3. Add some extra greens to one of your meals today.

We could all use a few more veggies in our life. Cook some baby spinach into your scrambled eggs. Turn your plain fried rice into the stuffing of a lettuce wrap! Order a side salad when you’re out to dinner. Your body does so much already, it will be so thankful for the extra nutrients!

4. Take your time in front of the mirror. 

If taking a few extra minutes to do your hair or makeup in the morning will make you feel better, then make sure to do it! Invest that time in yourself if it will in turn boost your confidence for the rest of the day. YOU are worth every second!

5. Turn off the comparative thoughts. 

Or better yet, acknowledge them when they show up, take note of who it is and why you feel that way, and then let it go. You run in your own race! Just because you haven’t bloomed yet, doesn’t mean you won’t. Just because your petals are different than someone else’s doesn’t mean yours aren’t breathtaking! Sorry for the flower references, but they make great visuals! hehe!

6. Do something simply because you want to.

Sometimes I just feel like watching a cheesy movie and eating chocolate. Could I feel guilty because I should be doing the dishes? Sure. BUT I’M NOT GOING TO. You don’t need an excuse, and you certainly shouldn’t feel guilty when you decide you need to do something for yourself. 

Girl, FILL UP YOUR CUP. In fact, fill up your whole tea pot! Continuously make an effort to show up for yourself throughout your day to day life. Do you need to binge and do all these things at once, (I mean, you can…) the answer is no! We all know how busy life can be, and other people and things deserve your attention too. Just don’t get too caught up in the chaos that you let yourself run dry.